“Ava” registration name pending APHA

"Ava" is a remarkable filly, she is quick and spins in 360's in a split second, her agility keeps her ahead of the others with her quick turn and burn the others just watch! Gonna be an eye grabber black and white filly. Halter breaking should be a breeze, she wants to be a pocket all the time, I will keep posted how she does...beautiful head and mind.

DOB: March 18, 2013

DAM: QTS Streking Cutter, she is Grand daughter of Q T POCO STREKE,"QT" IS THE LEADING SIRE OF APHA REINERS    x SIRE:  DC EXCLUSIVE TIN APHA #497784, E/E, a/a, N/TO, Black n white Paint.

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Price: $2,000.00