Our pledge…T n T Paints, we breed for smart respectful athletic job seeking, weanlings…

We are simple folk, not a big fancy operation. Just raising usable, willing sound smart horses that want a job. Running our band of mares in a natural environment, making the foals well rounded and exposed to the herd dynamics as well as the elements. Our mares are Paint bred mares, Commanders Riminic, QT Poco Streke, CC Right Noble Lily, Justa Jazy Jet, to name a few…We have our stallion MARK OF AN EAGLE, Grulla AQHA 5415592~5 Panel-N/N, Coat Color E/e, a/a, D/nd2, well bred and most of all solid, straight boned, respectable and athletic. He throws stout muscled foals dun delusion with dorsal and barring and leaves his mark of agility in everyone of them. Give us a call and come spend an evening watching these babies play…pick out a foal and start them the way you want them.


Making respectful foals with the responsibility of matching them in the best horse home family possible.


Our best, God bless,

Troy n Terri Slack

T n T Paints.